Revisium — Website Malware Removal & Website Protection.

We detect compromises, remove any malicious code and protect the web site from ever being compromised again.

Revisium Core Services

  1. Web site malware scanning. We detect web site viruses and malicious software that antiviruses miss.
  2. Malicious and virus code detection and removal, including hackers shell scripts, rootkits, bruteforce applications and scripts, spammer scripts as well as iframe and javascript malicious code
  3. Web site protection against viruses, hackers and web attacks.
5 Years of successful web site protection

Revisium has successfully specialized in a complete range of services relating to web site security since 2008. The company cure compromised web sites, protect the web site integrity, availability and confidentiality. The company also consults developers on certain aspects of web safety.

For over six years, Revisium team have assisted hundreds of companies as well as web-developers to overcome adverse consequences of their web site hacking.

Get clean now: order virus or malware removal from your site right now and get a professional consultation to strengthen the security of your site for free.

Revisium Delivers

  1. Website Information Security
    Revisium professional team will clean up infected web sites from malicious software and viruses and restore web sites to its original and fully operable state.
  2. Website Protection Against Hackers and Viruses
    Revisium specialists will setup or enhance your web site/server protection and provide consulting services if necessary.
  3. Website Security Training
    Revisium experienced staff will guide web site owners through the fundamental principles and processes of web information security. You will be able to make secure setup and operate your web site in the safest way possible.
  4. Website Security Tools Development
    Revisium —Āompany focuses on malware checking solutions which provide web site administrators with comprehensive tools for malicious code detection.


Revisium company has developed a unique script AI-Bolit for web site malware detection. It provides comprehensive reporting and analytics on malicious software and vulnerabilities that hackers exploit. AI-Bolit is a patent-protected solution that is free to use for non-commercial purposes. Over the past six months, the AI-Bolit script has been downloaded and installed more than 22,000 times.

AI-Bolit is a free scanning tool for identifying malicious code and viruses detection on web sites. Visit the project page for details.

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